The Celtic Tiger !

August 20, 2007

Living in Ireland. Returned after spending many years in California.

Had to get back to a life of calm and ease. Looking to pick up the pieces that I left some long long time ago in the eighties. The country has now changed from what I used to know off. People, the way of life have also change too.

More cars, trucks, more transportation, more commercialism. Bigger commercial buildings, It also has a higher cost of lving.

  • The Biggest “Drug-Bust” in the History of Ireland took part of the coast of Cork. Bails of “Cocaine” with the Smugglers floating on the choppy cold seas.
  • The Biggest Needle standing as a statute in the middle of  O’Connell street. Where once Nelson’s Pillard Stood. I wonder what it represents ( The Needle Statute ? )
  • The Biggest Rock Group, U2 Actung Baby ! and Bono leading the way for Debt releft for the poor Nations.
  • The Biggest Concert Flop, Barbara Stristand (The way we were) Well it rained, and the fans got Screwed !
  • The Biggest Concert Hit, (The old Farts ) The Stones, can they rock. 70,000 fans showed up at the Blaney Castle !
  • The Biggest street, Dance and Musicial Festival. Get your clogging boot’s on !
  • The Biggest Brewery, Guinness of course. The Dark Stuff ! We’ll ya have a pint, I wi’ll, I’ll have a pint with you Sir !
  • The Biggest Football Fan’s in the World, Get Ready the Green Army of Lads are coming !
  • O’h not to forget the Biggerst rainfall this Summer, What Summer ? It rained nearly everyday June,July, August !
  • The Biggest Welcome in the World ! 

                                  ( Cead Mille Failte )

Everybody  seems to be in a hurry, more than the did back when I grew up. Things were a lot slower then.

Wel,l now we have peace with the Red Hand of our Nothern brothers and sisters  of Ulster, hunderds of years of fighting and the lost of lives across this small nation of ours.

Finally, we woke up, and so did the Brit’s !

Ti’s nice to be back, on this wee Rock I call Home !

What Happened, One May Ask ?


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July 20, 2007

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