It’s Official,

Guinness brewery, Sales are back in the Black again.

According to a news article in the irish sun paper, published just resently. Stated, our brothers in the african nation of Nigeria not just liked the black stuff, but loved the black taste of guinness.  Sales have  jumped up 18 % there.

Ireland now has lost its # 1 position in the world has the top guzzlers to the african nation. Hey What’s Wrong Here ?

The bad part of this story is,  the pint of stout is stronger in Nigeria, and we in Ireland Thought different.

Hey,I think the wee lad’s and lassie’s here in Ireland have been screwed ?

The St, James Gate has been providing the Nigerians since 1963 a stronger pint, that the lad’s and Lassis’s were getting here from the brewery at the own back gate.

No wonder, the nigerians are great with there football skills

There drinking ( Mothers Milk !)

I’m sure Auther Guinness, is jumping with joy at the pearly gates. He might be enjoying a pint with

himself, Brendan Behan or just listening to Luke Kelly on the banjo, and along with auld Tommy Maken strooming  a tune, sipping that fine taste of the ” Black Stuff ”

I’m sure theres a big smile, gleeming  from the guinness family, knowing that Authur there favorite son, and Irelands  also created the best pint of the stout in his favourite city of Dublin. Well it’s nice to know, when travelling to Korea, India, or the other 45 destination around the world, You can get a pint of  ( Mothers Milk) a dubliner slang for a pint of guinness.

 I wonder how stronger is the pint of guinness in the other countries, other than Nigeria.

If ya know what the % ?

Drop me a comment, or just send me a pint of Guinness stout from Nigeria.